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Who We Are.

KidzArt fine art studio is located in Cary, NC (relocated from our previous location in Apex). Our program has been serving children of all ages in the Raleigh, NC area for over 15 years.  Our instructor-led art program centers on offering children of all ages an artistic environment that makes learning and creating art a fun and rewarding experience. From art classes and summer or track-out camps, to birthday parties and special events – children will have fun exploring a variety of fine art materials as they realize the endless possibilities of their own imagination.

What We Believe.

We believe art helps build a foundation for academic excellence. Whether your child is interested in math, science, engineering, or any other subject areas; being able to “think outside the box” helps children excel in their area of interests by looking at problems and solutions through a different “lens”. Furthermore, art classes help foster creativity through a variety of hands on projects that entices students to push their own creative limits. Children not only enjoy themselves, they’ll also gain self-confidence and skills that will last a lifetime.